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Wet Riding Techniques

October 30, 2008

Hello folks, so it is that time of the year again. Wet roads, slush and mud abound, and skidding with your bike easier than drinking water. So how does one ride in the wet without slipping and falling down. The only way to avoid unwanted slips and slides is to ride smoothly. This involves developing […]

Tubeless Tyres

October 30, 2008

Tubeless tires are pneumatic tires that do not require a separate butyl rubber inner tube. Traditional designs of pneumatic tires required a separate inner tube which could fail for a number of reasons, such as: incorrect tire fitment, or friction between the tire wall and inner tube generating excess heat causing a blowout. Tubeless tire […]

O-Ring Chains

October 30, 2008

The o-ring chain is a specialized type of roller chain used in the transmission of mechanical power from one sprocket to another. Contents 1 Construction 2 Applications 3 Care 4 External links Construction The o-ring chain is named for the rubber o-rings built into the metal rollers of every link in this particular type of […]

Indian Bikism

October 30, 2008

Yeah this is burning HOT topic and how on earth I’ll not put forward my opinion on that. from Royal Enfields to Jawas/Yezdi to RD 350 to … to Pulsar 220/ZMA (Karizma) and Comet. We have made a constant progress. Royal Enfield Motorcyles:   few year ago in India touring meant Royal Enfield. This machine […]

Engine Oil gyan

October 30, 2008

Engine is definitely the heart of the bike and needs proper care. A wrong engine oil and stretching the engine oil too far can have an adverse effect on engine. It will not only effect the engine life factor but also the performance factor including fuel efficiency. So it become mandatory for us (bikers) to […]